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James C. Henderson is a graduate of Metropolitan State University in technical communication with a minor in creative writing and holds an MFA from Hamline University in writing. His poetry has appeared in several journals including Sleet Magazine, 42opus, Poetry Midwest, the What Light poetry series at mnartists.org, and on air at KAXE/KBXE: Northern Community Radio’s program The Beat. A chapbook of his poetry, Chasing Delight, was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in October 2015. He has also collaborated with his lovely wife, Athena, on her epic memoir, Athena: A Greek-American Woman’s Resistance to the Nazis and the Greek Junta, self-published in 2018.




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ARGUMENTS James C. Henderson Politicians on TV are arguing about the pandemic— who’s responsible for this, who for that, who’s … More →

Truth Is

TRUTH IS James C. Henderson During this time of pandemic I am doing nothing. Truth is, I like doing nothing. … More →


ESSENTIAL James C. Henderson I make the bed every morning I do the grocery shopping vacuum the carpets, and wash … More →

The Tiniest Patient

THE TINIEST PATIENT James C. Henderson —for Anastasia My granddaughter found a bird doing backflips in the middle of the … More →

The Nightgown

THE NIGHTGOWN James C. Henderson The birds are singing this morning just as they do every morning waking us each … More →

The Nap

THE NAP James C. Henderson I fall asleep on the couch—there’s nothing else to do— and when I wake up … More →

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