Client Serengeti Sunset, photo by Graham Purse, own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Categories Poems in the Time of Pandemic, Poetry
Location New Brighton, Minnesota
Date April 13, 2020
URL Launch Project

James C. Henderson

Within me is a vast savanna
where rare, wild animals roam.
Imaginary beasts only I have known.

Strange beasts of horn and hoof
striped, spotted, some plain as grass.
All gone with me if I should die.

Within me, too, are our times together
the long afternoon of soaking rain
the window open to the cool April air

the night deepening as you sleep
with me the only witness.
No one has known you sleep as I have

the gentleness of your breathing
the warmth of your body
the subtle movements of your arms and legs

the sweetness of your breath.
Surely, I have loved you
as much as I have loved this world.

And when, in your sleep, you roll over
and turn away from me
I love you even more.