Chasing Delight Cover 47 kb

Published from Red Bird Chapbooks, October 2015
Chasing Delight
44 pages
8.5″ x 7″ single signature with hand sewn binding


“Occasionally in my perusal of the manuscripts we receive in our reading periods there is one that touches me, intrigues me, or just tells me: ‘Hey, I should be published.’

Chasing Delight is one of those manuscripts. Reading it I was reminded that each day, year, decade, life is made up of small, individual moments. These moments, these little interactions have incredible power if we see them for the wonders they are. If we consider how each builds and adds to the sum of our whole, our happiness, our contentment, our lives. James C. Henderson writes of the moments of his life vividly, compassionately, and also with a wry sense of humor that reminds us not to take ourselves or our lives too seriously.

I highly recommend these poems; they are serious, but not too serious, with precise and pertinent imagery, a few flowers, lots of heart, and most of all sincerely memorable.”

–Dana Hoeschen, editor, designer, publisher at Red Bird Chapbooks

Aan excerpt from Chasing Delight:

by James C. Henderson

You call in the middle of the night
to tell me you are ill—
sick to your stomach.
So, I sit on the edge of the bed in the dark
and listen to your symptoms
like a doctor
trying to figure out a cure
making suggestions on things
to drink, positions to lie in
talking until I might strike upon
the right thing to say—
to make you feel better.
Frankly, I have no idea what’s wrong with you
and I’m sleepy
but I shoulder my mantel of parenthood
modulating the weariness in my voice
into concern—and hope—
that given there is nothing else I can offer—
my unceasing presence on the phone
will be the elixir that saves you.